Rick Weiler provides

Online Dispute Resolution

across Canada

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Rick Weiler provides

Online Dispute Resolution

across Canada

Benefits of Online Dispute Resolution


Promotes “good decisions”


Minimizes costs and saves time

Promotes better, more relaxed interactions


Confidential, secure and private

About Rick Weiler

Recognized as one of Canada’s foremost commercial and insurance mediators, Rick Weiler has also been one of the pioneers of online dispute resolution. For three decades he has mediated in excess of 5000 cases and has a depth of experience in the arbitration of commercial matters.

Rick Weiler The Academy of Distinguished Neutrals



Recipient of the 2004 Award of Excellence in ADR from the Ontario Bar Association’s ADR Section.


Past Chair of the National ADR Section of the Canadian Bar Association.


First Canadian mediator to be certified by the International Mediation Institute.


Contributor to the Kluwer Mediation Blog.


Author of the Mediation Chapter in Canadian Legal Practice Taught Mediation at the University of Ottawa Law School where he also sponsored the Weiler ADR Prize for Mediation.


Writes, blogs, tweets and speaks frequently on issues related to mediation and conflict resolution.

Rick Weiler’s long form Curriculum Vitae can be seen here.

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Which Online Dispute Resolution Process Can Weiler ADR Provide For You?

Mediation Facilitated Negotiation

Facilitated Negotiation

Provides the opportunity to make good decisions, all things considered, about how to resolve disputes.

Mediation is a dispute resolution process in which an impartial, mutually acceptable third party (the mediator) helps the disputing parties voluntarily reach a mutually acceptable resolution to their dispute.

Mediation holds the promise of resolving disputes quicker, cheaper and in a more satisfying way than other dispute resolution processes.

As an alternative to judicial or third-party determination, such as arbitration, mediation is a proven effective way to resolve disputes. Mediation provides the participants with a safe environment where they can explain their perspective and gain a better understanding of other perspectives. Through the mediation process, parties determine what concerns are important and work towards making good decisions.

Arbitration Final & Binding Decisions

Final & Binding Decisions

More flexible, user-friendly, cost-effective and convenient method of dispute resolution compared to traditional court-based litigation.

Arbitration is an efficient and effective dispute resolution process. As a general rule, parties should attempt a negotiated or mediated resolution of their dispute before proceeding to arbitration.

In cases where the decision has been made to proceed with arbitration, parties will first determine if the arbitration is to be administered by an organization such as the ADR Institute of Ontario or if it is to be an ad hoc arbitration (i.e. administered by the arbitral tribunal).

Med-Arb The best of both worlds

The best of both worlds

Facilitated negotiation but, if an agreement can’t be reached, a final binding decision is made.

Med-Arb is a combination of the best part of mediation and arbitration. Med-Arb combines both the mediation and arbitration processes into a single fair, cost-effective and efficient process that results in a final and binding outcome.

The parties first try to resolve their dispute with mediation with the assistance of the mediator-arbitrator. Any issues that have not been resolved through mediation will be finally arbitrated by the same mediator-arbitrator, or the parties may chose another arbitrator. Before starting med-arb, the parties in conflict must decide on what issues will be phased from the mediation to the arbitration process. If all parties agree to participate in med-arb, they must abide by the decisions made.

Rick Weiler contributed to the drafting of the ADR Institute of Canada’s Med-Arb Rules.


Online Mediation Rates

Effective April 24, 2024

Fees below are for two (2) party mediations. For mediations involving more than two (2) parties there is a flat rate of $625 per additional party added. Fees are billed to Counsel equally unless otherwise notified.

(Usually starting at 10 am and proceeding until 4 pm) – $5,000.00, plus HST

(Usually starting at either 10 am or 1 pm and proceeding for 3 hours – $3,500.00, plus HST

These fees include case administration, pre-mediation preparation and consultation, mediation conference time and reporting. Additional mediation conference time is charged at $625 per hour, or part thereof.

Online Arbitration and Med-Arb Rates

$625, plus HST, per hour engaged as arbitrator / med-arbitrator.

Cancellation Fees

If the cancellation is prior to 15 business days before the scheduled event, then there will be no cancellation fee. If the mediation/arbitration hearing is cancelled within 15 business days of the date scheduled, then a cancellation fee of 50% of the fee for the time booked, plus HST will be charged to the party requesting the cancellation, unless otherwise agreed.

The cancellation fee will be waived if the same matter is being rebooked.


Accounts (excluding cancellations) are divided equally among the parties and are addressed to the lawyers representing the parties unless alternative arrangements are made in advance. If the case involves an unrepresented party or parties then a deposit equal to that party’s or parties’ share of the total estimated account must be received at least 30 business days prior to the event unless alternative arrangements are made in advance. All accounts are due and payable when rendered. Overdue accounts bear interest at 10% per annum, calculated and payable monthly.

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